Fall is a great time to paint!

Benefits of Painting during Autumn

For your paint job to turn out perfectly, the weather needs to cooperate. If it’s rainy or too hot or cold, your paint won’t dry or cure properly.  Summer may be too hot and humid.  Spring might be too rainy when spring showers set in.  Winter has its own challenges. Fall seems to be the ideal time to tackle your paint projects.


1. Fall Temperatures

Fall can deliver temperatures that are perfect for exterior painting.  The cool air will allow the painters to get the job done with ease without the sun beating down on them. Extreme temperatures cause paint to dry unevenly, which isn’t great for your final result.

This type of weather is also helpful if you are getting the interior of your home painted because you can open the windows to remove the paint fumes from your home. Once the winter weather moves in, it will be more difficult to find a time where the conditions are good for painting.

2. Moisture and Humidity

Another important factor to consider when painting your home is moisture. Whether you are painting the interior or exterior of your house, the paint must dry properly and bond to the surface.  Paint should only be applied to a dry surface.

Humidity can impact the application and longevity of the paint. As the seasons change from summer to fall, the humidity will dissipate, allowing the paint to dry properly. This will contribute to the durability of the finish and the paint will look better longer.

3. Lower Chance of Rain 

It can rain at any time during the year, but in fall, it doesn’t rain as often as some of the other seasons. Moisture makes it difficult for the paint to dry and bond. Rainy days can delay your paint project. When you have your house painted in the fall, the job is less likely to be delayed.

4. Prepare for the Holidays

The winter months are all busy because they contain major holidays, which involves family gatherings and entertaining. If you decide to paint your house in the early fall you can have everything done before the holidays take over.

It is also important to consider the schedule of the painting contractor you plan to hire. Holidays are busy for just about everyone, including painters, so scheduling your paint project as soon as possible will help you get everything done before family and friends show up for the holiday festivities.

5. Flexibility

Depending on the time of year, it can be difficult to schedule painters to come out to your home and paint. Many companies enter a slow period when fall rolls around, which means they are more flexible and can accommodate your scheduling needs. It will be easier to get your home painted in the fall rather than they would be able to during their busy season.

Low demand may translate to special prices for the customers that will require the services during this period. So, unlike the summer period when the painters are fully booked and take longer to respond, during the cooler season you will get the job done in a timelier manner.

Curb Appeal

We all want our homes to look great. The best way to ensure your home makes a lasting impression is to keep the outside looking fresh. A quality exterior paint job is the most important step to creating an overall curb appeal. Make sure you go with a color that best fits your home’s overall aesthetic, and fits nicely with the landscaping. It’s also a good idea to look at other homes in the neighborhood to make sure your color won’t clash or be too close in tone. Neutral colors, such as grays, whites, tans, or browns, are always safe colors. Quality exterior paint works as an added layer of protection from the elements, helping to keep your home safe from weather damage, insects, and dust. Painting your home can add to its resale value. It is definitely worth your while to have your home painted by a professional.

Deck Maintenance

Spring is coming and it’s a great time to have your yearly maintenance done on your deck. Since decks are exposed to natural elements, it is important to keep up with the maintenance. This includes pressure washing, painting, sealing and checking for wood rot or other damage. Maintaining your deck also increases the value of your home! Contact us today for a free estimate!